An avid lover of writing from a very young age, I use my versatile writing skills in a number of capacities.

Cultural Commentary:

I am a writer and cultural commentator who writes about, observes and analyzes black culture, society and politics in the UK, US and Africa.

Below you can read some of my work:

‘Entertaining or Exploitative?’, published in The Guardian, February 2008 

‘Black, British & Proud’, published in The Guardian, February 2008

‘Separate Reality’, published in The Guardian, January 2008

‘Africa: Still A Way To Go’, published in TMP Online, January 2008

‘Immigration: Back On The Menu’, published in TMP Online, November 2007


I have a regular column on political website TMP Online

Other Writing:

‘Climate Change = Culture Change’, published on Make Travel Fair, September 2007

Self Growth & Spirituality: http://lolaadesioye.blogspot.com

I’m currently working on my first book.


At school and university, I wrote music reviews, interviews and articles for student publications. Since then I have continued to freelance for a number of online and off-line publications.

In addition, I write press releases for independent up and coming artists as well as music companies. Here is a sample:  franzjobpr.pdf

I founded and edited an online news and information website called Verse Online for urban music industry professionals in the UK.

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2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hi Lola and congratulations on your website. I was googling for Okonjo Iweaja and came across your website. The stories are very positive which is great.

    Titus (ex-Johannesburg)

  2. Hi Lola,
    I’m quite happy for you. I am a writer myself. I hope we can chat one day then plan a literary collabo. What cha say? I like you positive outlook in analysic socio-political happenings and your fine looks too (that’s if you don’t mind.)
    Cheers. Hoping you could reply.


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