Music is my first love. I am a singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Ms. Lola. I’m currently working on new material and my debut album will be released in 2008. All material will be released and published through Something 2 Say.


Having worked and freelanced for companies such as Warner Music, Ministry of Sound and Nokia, as well as a number of independent projects, artists and companies I use my experience to consult for brands who require someone with a keen knowledge of the music industry. My speciality is the urban/black music market.

In 2006, I was made Project Manager on a global multi-million pound series of live music events for Nokia, entitled Nokia New Year’s Eve. This one-of-its-kind major international recording artists such as Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Nelly Furtado and Scissor Sisters. This project recently beat Verizon and Miller Brewing when it was awarded a Gold Ex Award for the creation of  this “self-branded, home-grown, company-controlled, 100%-owned” music project


Something 2 Say’s Music & Entertainment incorporates a music publishing and a record company. Ms Lola is the first artist currently signed to the company.

Following the ethos of the rest of the business, Something 2 Say Music & Entertainment will provide quality music for those who want to be uplifted, inspired and entertained.

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