Obama Wins Democratic Nomination – what next?

I’m proud to be here in America during this historic election period. Well done to Barack Obama for running an excellent campaign so far and for becoming the first ever African American Democratic nominee…Not many black people thought they’d see this in their lifetime.

So what’s next? A year ago, the media and even most voters had no idea America would end up where we are today. Questions such as ‘is Obama black enough?’, ‘can he appeal to white voters?’ and ‘is America ready for a black president?’ were all asked and used to justify why people thought Obama had slim chance of beating Clinton. How things have changed.

However, the questions are still pertinent… Is America REALLY ready for a black president? The votes of Democratic supporters are not the only ones that are taken into consideration in a general election. Most of Obama’s supporters are educated white people, African-American and young people – what about the rest of the voting population? How will they vote? Are they prepared to vote for a black man? What about Hillary Clinton supporters, a number of whom have said they would rather vote for McCain than Obama? What about middle America, and the blue collar workers who kept Hillary going?

Although Clinton has not yet conceded, there is talk that she may join forces with Obama, running as his vice president. Would this be a good move? Some think not. If anything, it could be a good way of stopping her supporters from defecting to McCain.

How much of a role will race play in the battle between McCain and Obama? I believe that it’s in the Obama v McCain contest that we’ll see how Americans genuinely feel about race. The fact that some Clinton-supporting Democrats have said they’d rather vote for McCain than Obama hints at that. Will Obama talk more specifically about the problems within the African-American community and what he intends to do about them if he’s elected, or will he continue to avoid that in order not to be pigeon holed?

What will be Obama and McCain’s achille’s heels in the next few months? Will the media dredge up anymore figures like Jeremiah Wright and John Hagee? Will McCain’s age prove to be his downfall? And will Obama face his critics who have said he is nothing more than a great marketeer with a slick tongue?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let me know!

The soap opera is only just starting!! I can’t wait for the forthcoming episodes!


5 thoughts on “Obama Wins Democratic Nomination – what next?

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  3. I am a Hillary Supporter and I will be writing Hillary’s name on the ballot come November. The Democratic party chose Obama against the will of the people. Hillary won the popular vote but Obama kissed ass and got the delegate vote. He may have won the battle but he will lose the war. The presidential nomination should not be about race or sex. It should be decided by the will of the American people. America, we have been hoodwinked by our leaders. Join with me in protest. We need to insist that our candidates be chosen by the popular vote and not by those in charge who think they know best. Do not support elitists like Obama and his cronies who want to take the power of your vote away from you.

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  5. Hello Lola,

    I’ve actually just published a post that deals specifically with the question of what should happen now.. Please check it out if you have a spare mouse click or two.. I’d be interested again in hearing your opinion.

    And to nmrichardson – c’mon… Obama didn’t get the delegate vote because he “kissed ass”; that’s just ridiculous. How could you honestly discount the fact that he won 30+ states, had a far superior ground operation, raised a record amount of funds from a record number of individual contributors, and managed to do so without resorting to the negative “kitchen-sink” tactics that were leveled against him? This is politics nmrichardson, this isn’t American Idol… Obama’s team ran a better campaign and his message found resonance with voters. There was no conspiracy and no malfeasence.

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