Monkeys & Black People

A couple of weeks ago a (white) friend of mine asked me if, as a black woman, I’d be offended if he used ‘gorilla’ as a term of endearment towards me. I said I most probably would be. He was surprised. He said that he had, intending to be friendly, called one of his black friends “gorilla” and she was (unsuprisingly in my opinion) pretty upset, to say the least.

I explained to him that since he was a redhead, if I referred to him as a ‘carrot top’ or ‘ginger nut’ it’s likely he would believe that my term of endearment for him was based on his hair colour or his red freckles. Similarly, if he called me or his black friend a gorilla it would not be unreasonable to presume that, for some reason, our being black reminded him of a primate.

Now, there is a guy somewhere in Georgia who is peddling the t-shirts of Obama pictured above. Apparently, to him, Obama looks like ‘Curious George’, the cartoon monkey who is featured in the t shirt. This guy says that he can’t see what’s wrong with the comparison. When asked by news reporter Manuel Bojorquez why he chose a monkey image, the man said “I thought, man, look at those ears and his hair line and that’s what I saw. I didn’t see anything offensive.”

Now, do we really need to explain that the comparison of a black person to a monkey is offensive? It has always been used as a racist, derogatory and offensive stereotype against black people. I don’t think it takes a genius to work that out.

Is the Curious George comparison really the only one that this man felt Obama was worth of?! Honestly? …. That’s very, very sad.


28 thoughts on “Monkeys & Black People

  1. Yes, black people look nothing like monkeys. No sirree. Of course not. That’s why blacks go APESHIT whenever compared to monkeys, isn’t it.
    It’s not as if black people evolved from monkeys, and white people evolved from black people, no, it couldn’t be…

    Who do you think you’re fooling?
    All this article says is that you hate gorillas and other apes, and view them as worthless ‘things’.

    Why is it, if you put up a poster with a photo of a gorilla’s head, and a black man’s head, on it, every black person who saw it would have a major CHIMPOUT?

  2. What is needed is an education in biology, which is so desperately lacking amongst white and black people, particularly in America. We are all great apes aren’t we?

    “Apes are the members of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates, which includes humans…
    the family Hominidae consisting of orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans,collectively known as the great apes.”

    As the great Carolus Linnaeus once said, “I demand of you, and of the whole world that you show me a generic character…by which to distinguish between man and ape. I myself most assuredly know of none.”

    Personally, I am proud of my primate heritage.

    Source: Evolutionary Biology

  3. I am so sick of the whole “angry black syndrome”. Even Darwin’s association between black men and apes was quieted. Now we have to walk on egg shells every time there is a black person around because we don’t want to offend them.

    Oh, I’m sorry, am I not allowed to ask why your dentist is not the same as mine? Because you have more enamel on your teeth. No one will advertise this but it’s the truth. All dentists have to study a whole different chapter on black people because even their teeth are different. The same goes for hair products and stylists. It’s also a fact that muscle is different than ours, that bone density is thicker. This is all in medicine books. It’s science. It’s fact that has been quieted in order not to offend the black community and you and I both know the resentment that will eventually be created in the white community for this. It’s a matter of time.

    Find the books that have been quieted. It’s history. It’s fact. It’s science.

    If I were to say this out loud, you know the reaction I would get. Black people would go crazy and show absolutely no control over their emotions, which I’ve found to be a common trait among them and it has been scientifically proven that their emotions are in fact different than whites specifically because of their race. They don’t have an “off” switch on their anger or it is slower to respond. Look it up.

    I never discriminated against black people as a child or teen.
    In fact, I was raised with a diverse group of people. But even among my own friends, I noticed a big difference in attitude, culture and although it was nothing like my own, I still never let it bother me. But it bothered them and that’s the problem.

    You writing this blog is proof of what I’m trying to say.
    Why did you have to write about it? Obviously it hurt you. But did you ever ask yourself why? This redheaded friend of yours asked you how you would feel because he was afraid of your obvious reaction. I wouldn’t have had to ask because I would have never called you that. Simple. It’s common sense. I know it would be offensive to you but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s true.

    Are we not allowed to compare now? Are we not allowed to say make the observation that the actor who played in the Green Mile didn’t need that much makeup because he was so similar to the gorilla he portrayed in Planet of the Apes? This is a fact, by the way.

    Are we not allowed to laugh when black people say they love fried chicken, black eye peas, corn bread and watermelon, mistakingly calling it “soul food”, when according to history, it was actually “slave food”?

    Are we not allowed to ask why black people are even angry at slavery, because when the civil war was over, they had a choice to go back to Africa but decided this was the better place to be than their own home? Why? And yet they complain about it? In my opinion, they should be thanking white people for taking them out of there, a country which has never made any kind of advancement so much so, that we are still having to adopt their babies and send them money because their lives have never changed. Are they going to blame whites for this too?

    I represent many white people out there who are sick and tired of dealing with whiney black people who complain about every little thing with their hand out, while telling us we can’t use the N word yet they can, always ready to sue and blaming it on race. Let’s face it, when it comes to black people. it’s ALWAYS about race. They just don’t have anything else to latch on to. It’s this whole “they are out to get us” attitude that pisses me off and your blog is no different.

    And one more thing;

    Why African American? There is no such thing unless you were BORN there. I am of Scottish ancestry but was not born in Scotland. Can I then call myself Scottish American? You left Africa hundreds of years ago, there is no more reason to call yourselves that, so stop hiding behind it and move on!

    The resemblance between a gorilla and a black man is obvious and if someone tells you different, they are afraid to piss you off.

    There are many differences among us and the faster black people finally ADMIT to them, the better chance we have to move on and get rid of racism.

    Time to face the truth.

  4. You’ll see plenty of Chimpouts if Obama is elected. In fact you’ll see some if he is elected just for the hell of it.

  5. black people do have control over their emotions, there is nothing that has been genetically proven to say otherwise. The only type of “facts” that I can find about some of the bigotted theories that you have said have been disproven. No such reliable article exists about your theory of black people needing a whole other chapter on how to clean black peoples teeth. Many black people have white doctors.
    Here are the real facts

    1.Your temper isnt determined on how “black” you are, but what type of society that you grew up in. It is easy, usually a person who grew up in a gang life would react more voilently than someone who didnt or never experienced voilence.
    2. Michael Clarke Duncan does not look like an ape. The only thing that would make him a “better” character for planet of the apes to use less makeup is the color of his skin. It would apply for the same thing with a white person and a light monkey.
    3. It was a known fact that black people had some of the most technological advances hundreds of years ago. Many of the modern inventions that you would call advanced were made by black people. Your stupid comment about why we didnt go back is obvious, there werent enough resources for a an entire race of people to go back there. And after aparthied occured, there arent enough resources to go back to.
    4. Racism is very prevalent in todays society. Some of the bigotted things that you have said fuels that statment.
    5. We are called african americans because many black people do not know what country they came from in africa. And white people do call themselves irish and scottish and british american. We dont get offended when you call us black either.
    7.White people have some resemblanes to gorillas to… I wonder if I just pissed you off. I am a Chistian who knows who made me, do you?

    also, to the other person who commented on our heads, black people have heads that look the same as yours too. and how can white people evolve from black people when not only do they use white peoples face for the false evolutionary pictures, but that we are just as smart and just as aware as you are too.

    anyone who has seen Barack Obama knows good and well that he does not look like a monkey and for that fact curious Goerge.

    lol!!!!!!! who had the temper during the presidential debates?

    case closed

  6. Jonathan has a good point. I’m black and well I do see what he is saying. Why we can sometimes be compared to apes. I’m not mad. I think people who FLIPOUT at this needs to chill. He is not insulting blacks he is just explaining how we are different (scientifically) and why we can be as rasict as we want but not him (you know I’m right).

  7. What I think wrong is constantly labeling everything as racist. Here, the police had to change all their cars from white to silver because apparently it symbolized ‘white power’.

    If the guy with the tshirt was a racist, fair enough, he’s an idiot. But if he wasn’t, anyone who complained about it is racist whether they like it or not. They linked monkeys directly to black people.

    Seriously, everyone’s different, everyone’s looks are made fun of. Get over it. I think it’s time every race stopped whinging.

    I hate things like the ‘black music awards’, like black people need a special awards ceremony because they’re better (or worse) than any other *skin colour*.

    It’s not a matter of racism, it’s a matter of being polite. Calling a black man a gorilla is just as offensive as someone calling a red haired person a carrot top.

    I’ve just read what Jonathan said, and that’s basically what i’m trying to say 🙂

  8. Jonathan, you can’t be serious. WE don have an off switch. If that was the case we’d ALL be in jail, or in a psych ward. Because if I had no off switch every time someone pissed me off there would be a lot of hurt people. However, I have been raised by a God fearing Christian women who has taught me better than that. My only problem all these people who don’t see why we get upset over things that they deem simple. Well it is simple.. You’re not BLACK!
    So you’ll never know what it’s like to be on the darker side… NIkki Strong

  9. I just googled this wild idea.A thoughtful discourse has ensued. I was created by GOD (HASHEM), learned man made ways, racism, academics,military and religiosity.Mankind was GOD’s forethought not an evolution from primate to Human being.

  10. Johnathan has put into perfect words a very large and absolute factual ringing throughout the lands as to why racism has a difficult time or more difficult time I should say, smoldering out into extinction completely.

    His arguements are extremely compelling and there wasn’t a sense of anger in his statements, frustation, maybe.

    As a child, and this sounds so cliche, but I had “0” sense of color in my friends, best friend to be exact – Minna. Through grade school, highschool and even college we all just shared stories of backgrounds (SHARED) shared is the key word here.

    Now, you absolutely DO have the whole defensive – angry black person thing and it crawls up inside you making you just want to walk away and let the person and/or people BE angry.

    There’s money in the media with race issues and it may seem like that’s “movement” for someone individuals stuck on race. I promise with everything I am that the media is a fickle commodity. If all you have is attitude to show for “your time” attitude will be what keeps you company throughout the rest of your days. The media will move on as well as the rest of us and aside from some of the headlines in the news every now and then for when someone makes a stink about something, more pertinent issues will have the majorities time and energy.

    Black people do have different genetic components. Who cares???????????????? You do have to study this in medical school and beauty school for that matter. Who cares???????????? It’s like my cat making an issue about being different from my dog and being pissy about it every day, going to sleep angry and doing it all over again the next day and only being happy when she’s around other cats. I’d tell her the same thing. It isn’t getting old, it is old. I love you both.

  11. Johnathan if only black peaple are related to apes then whites and every other ethnic group on the planet is too. It is a proven and scientific fact that the entire human race is a part of what would be called “the great apes”. If you’re a human being your ass is a great ape, I don’t care if your skin is blue you are…LOL We all are if we’re Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens evolved from less advance and more primative people called H. Rhodesiensis who in turn evolved from H. Neanderthalensis and so on. Now that is proven fact and science from the fossil records. Read up on some paleoanthopology. One more thing…Africa is a continent of several different countries not one country. And it’s black people who are of different black ethnic groups much like other continents. It’s obvious Johnathan that you know very little of history from what I’ve read sir. Read the facts before you let your opinions be known.

  12. Skin color is just pigmentation. We all are a part of the human race. Yes slavery happened yes africans were taken against their will to be used and abused and exploited to make money for europeans. But I’m not bitter about that because slavery is something that has taken place throughout the world in every culture for centuries and still continues in some cultures ’til this very day. It’s obvious why a group of people who happen to descend from slaves couldn’t return to their acestrial lands. And NO, blacks shoudn’t be thanking whites for taking them out of a bad place. More than 500 years ago before europeans knew anything about Africa( accept northern Africa and Egypt) West africans and all the black ethnic groups throughout that continent lived in advanced kingdoms or small village kingdoms and rich cultures. So their quality of life was more than good because they raised crops, hunted, and they used their natural resources and knew how to live off the land. It was the european colonist who robbed the continent of it’s people, beauty, and resources and thus we have the lack of identity, dependency, and quality of life we see today throughout Africa.

  13. Johnathan we call ourselves African Americans to embrace our ancestrial lands and our ancesters who were brought here. Whites in this country embrace their culture, why shouldn’t we embrace ours? The truth is folks, no race or ethnic group of people are any different from one another, accept for the way we look. It’s people like Johnathan who create the divide that I see on this vlog.

  14. hi..after observng thz debate. i try to share wth u s.thng. am african who z in africa. but the question is there are lot of diffrent cloure in thiz world but the most atrractive one is black. look the young boy who z white i like he has always skin problem with lot of rsh in his face sensative to the sun. i can say white is not may favourate clour….black oy yelow

  15. Black people need to accept that they’re black and sometimes other people are naive and clueless to the racial stereotypes against them. This is because they see PAST the color of your skin but now-a-days it is so hard to figure out how to refer to the black community because (as mentioned above) black people become offended if you even look at them funny.

    I’m mexican and just like I had to get over all the shit we have going against us…so do YOU blacks.


  17. i wish the blacks would get over it and quit asking whites to take care of them de salvery is over mon set some goes and dont ax me for anything get it

  18. I live in a country amongst blacks and i wish white people would run this place again because everything simply worked and everything fell into place. Now blacks in charge everything going down the toilet bowl. I am not white but you cannot blame white people for enslaving blacks, but they can be blamed for the hole that the blacks are in right now. There was a reason whites considered blacks inferior compared to the other races, chinese, indians and amerindians had technology similar to whites – blacks had nothing compared to the others, they had no written language, no records and no established learning institutions, no complex methods of governance. YES blacks fuck like animals and leave their young for dead but it’s not their fault.Let me explain: Whites bred blacks like farm animals in the past, bringing in a stud to impregnate the entire pool of slaves. The more he bred, the more work he could get done and the richer he got. And boy can black people work! I have witnessed this first hand, NO OTHER RACE comes close, only a black man could deliver the amount of work required, so i believe that it was not really the colour of their skin, but their physiological disposition is partly responsible for their position today. There is a new slavery today and it’s the slavery of intelligence – indians and chinese are enslaved because of their brains. And obviously why there are so many 8ft blacks around where there were slave colonies, they were not bred for intelligence and many were not born from loving parents. This went on for > 200 years, all of a sudden some white hippie under the guise of having a conscience decided to free the blacks, why? in a nutshell it was no longer economically viable to have blacks around as pets and an uprising was brewing, and since they let blacks fuck so much they now outnumbered whites. Now they were free and massa was no longer around telling them what to do, who to fuck, where to shit and sleep. All they could do is carry on the lifestyle massa introduced them to because their own culture was taken away. I believe that this is why blacks are the way they are today since they carry the backward values of yore. I’ve heard some say “If it ain’t physical labour, it ain’t work” They actually discourage some of their children from learning computers or you might hear a black man say “i would like to breed her”, i have seen well intentioned black mothers see their sons fall into a life of crime because of the wrong crowd, and i have seen black criminals reform themselves, blacks rise to the highest levels of education and power. A strong belief, passion and drive can overcome any almost physical hurdle. Uncontrollable emotions are a challenge for many. Yes there are great physical differences among the races but wouldn’t the world be a better, richer place if everyone rose to their challenges and did their part like raising the children in the right way and doing their duty? Putting down a person or a race does not do well for their development or yours. Although my country is going down the toilet bowl, i love black people, and my memories wouldn’t be what they are without them.

  19. I’ve read some very ignorant thing on this page. We all evolve from primates. IT doesn’t bother me when somebody say things such as what many have said. What bothers me is stupid, ignorant people. White still worry about black people, when we don’t give a damn about what you say , how you feel, or what you think of us. Me personally, I don’t care because they talked about Jesus. What you really need to be focusing is where lay the state of the State. I work with immagrants. And that what we should worry about the people that are coming. Because Black people are here to stay and there are un-intelligent people among all races. The worst people that I’ve seen (an this is generally speaking) are Mexican, I work in close quarter with them and they comment they will have the United States, THEY CAME TO TAKE THE US from the American people. They came to take the jobs, that is why they settle for the dollar amount they are paid. That is why they have more then one family in the same house everybody working together and they still have money. They talk about killing the american, that’s what you people should focus on. Those other things are so damn petty and so damn ignorant. Where do all the Amazonic looking white people come from. WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN, WE DON’T CARE. AND WE DON’T ALL GET UPSET BECAUSE OF RACIAL IGNORANCE. Come on people leave that stuff alone and and find something that gonna save a life. Now let me leave you with this. If it come down to the American people having to band together. Because to Mexicans, this is a Black and White U.S.A. And if they come at all of us color or racial will not be taken into consideration.

  20. While I understand what’s at the heart of Jonathan’s statement— that a portion (by no means ALL, though of course his statement was understandably sweeping) of American Blacks are causing as much of the racial riff as their racist counterparts— it seems to me that Jonathan’s underlying statement isn’t about accepting racial differences, but rather that Blacks should accept their position at the bottom of the genetic totem pole. That as soon as Blacks accept they are inherently inferior, racial disharmony will vanish.

    Perhaps that wasn’t Jonathan’s intent, but that’s certainly the impression given by rather unfortunate paragraphs of his statement.

    I think it’s that type of philosophy that lies at the root of contemporary racial battles. I think the bitterness between Whites and Blacks in America over the past has now come full circle. I understand, and am also frustrated by, the “whiny” Blacks who complain and complain, but never taken personal responsibility for their actions and choices. However, it concerns me that there are Whites who, instead of lambasting said individuals for their own negative and destructive behaviour, have adopted the mindset that ALL Blacks are simply the worst of the species, and even if they shouldn’t be eradicated or treated any differently, they shouldn’t be viewed as truly “human”.

    I’ve noted that the phrases “Blacks have never contributed to humanity”, “Blacks have no history”, “Blacks have never had a civilization” have cropped up as anthems in the anti-Black movements. Generally, it’s followed by pointing to the modern problems facing portions of sub-Saharan Africa. I find that incredibly troubling. Black Africa does, indeed, have an ancient history of civilization and accomplishment. The Africa Problem is multifaceted, and I feel the drive to “prove” that Blacks are inherently incapable of self-government, while born of frustration, is the first step of the world washing its hands of the continent (which might not necessarily be a bad thing).

    I think both “sides”, so to speak, are to blame. We, together, have given birth to this type of hatred and denunciation.

    I am not opposed to hearing any truths born out by science. If there is proof that Blacks are genetically inferior, then we shouldn’t hide it or turn our faces away. But it does beg the question— should it be proven, what then? What do we do with that knowledge?

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