Iraq: The Republicans May Be Right…

In 2001, I was one of the many hundreds of thousands who took to the streets in London to protest against the invasion of Iraq. I couldn’t see the sense in it now and I can’t see the sense in it today. I long for the whole sorry mess to be over, but I don’t believe that the withdrawal of troops – considering the instability that has been created in Iraq – is the answer at this moment in time.

Iraq is in a state right now… and it’s up to America to stay in there and sort it out (since they started it!). The Republicans are making the most sense to me on this issue at the moment. Tensions are high in Iraq right now and General Petraeus’ reluctance to stick to a timetable for the withdrawal of troops as well as his call today for a 45 day halt on the withdrawal of troops seems to me to be the responsible – and right – thing to do. 

Hillary Clinton insists that “…it’s time to begin an orderly process of withdrawing our troops.” She wants a withdrawal of all troops within 60 days should she be elected as president. To me this is just wrong wrong wrong! If you (America) created the mess, it’s only right that you help clear it up! Undoubtedly there should be an exit strategy but strategies need to be adjusted and refined from time to time if they are to be effective.

I actually tend to agree with John McCain’s policy on this – troops must be kept in Iraq for as long as it takes to help re-build the country and make it stable again. There is actually no time scale on that. People can estimate and project, but as we’ve seen so far, those timescales have had little to do with reality.

Barack Obama’s position is some kind of middle ground, but I don’t think he can just say that he will withdraw 1 or 2 troops per month over 16 months without prior knowledge of what will be going on at the time. What if Iraq is in even greater crisis by then?

I don’t think General Petraeus wants to keep troops in Iraq, but he has to right now because of the present situation… and that is sensible and right.  I’m with the Republicans on this one.


3 thoughts on “Iraq: The Republicans May Be Right…

  1. Well, THIS Lola says…haha! I actually dont have much to say on this topic. The US should never have invaded Iraq, and our presence there just seems to make things worse. I honestly dont think we can “fix” it. What else can we do?


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  3. The problem with Senator McCain’s position is that he is willing to stay indefinitely. “An ill defined war with an ill defined target, will take an indefinite amount of time” (SuperNews Cartoon). When Senator Obama questioned Gen. Petraeus, he asked what type of benchmarks need to be met before a withdraw?

    He stated, “we must define our goals tightly and modestly.”

    “No one is asking for precipitous withdraw… I’m trying to get to an endpoint, that is what all of us have been trying to get to. The problem I have is that if the definition of success is so high then…That portends the possibility of us staying for another 20 to 30 years.”

    He list the following as less acheiveable goals within a reasonable time frame

    1)An Iraq with no traces of Al-Quaeda
    2)An Iraq with no Iranian influence( the kind we don’t like, unless we try diplomatic talks)
    3)An Iraq with a Democratic Multi-sectarian, multi-ethnic, highly functional government

    and the status quo(acheiveable) as- leaving Iraq with some corruption but is not an Al-Quaeda base, not a threat to it’s neighbors and doesn’t have huge outbreaks of violence

    ‘that is a a measured goal that can be accomplished within a reasonable time’

    The question is whether that is good enough. Sen.Clinton’s and Sen. McCain’s approaches do not seem as reasonable.

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