Move On Mugabe!

zimbabwe_flag.gifDemocracy is a pretty simple process, right (in theory at least)? The people vote and whoever gets the most votes wins and takes control… So the people in Zimbabwe have cast their votes. Apparently (unsurprisingly) the opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, has won. In a simple world, Mugabe would shed a tear and step down. But oh no! That would make life just a tad too easy! And in African politics, things just don’t go down like that!

Will the authorities actually release the official (and truthful) election results? Maybe but who can say for sure. Why it has taken them nearly a week to do so already is troubling. Will Mugabe go or won’t he? Maybe… if he feels like it. Maybe he can be bothered to get out of his presidential bed or maybe he’ll just lie in it and sleep for another 10 years. Maybe he’ll make people vote again, in a “re-run”, just for the fun of it.

What nonsense! Mugabe needs to go. Move on Mugabe! Zimbabwe does not want you anymore! You started off well all those years ago, but your time has passed! Let Zimbabwean people live under a government that they have chosen and that can make their lives better.

This is not fair – people should not have to be subjugated in this way. Let the people’s voices be heard and let them count for something.

In the meantime, I wait with baited breath to see what will happen in Zim…. May democracy rule… and may Mugabe find it within him to let go and move on!


2 thoughts on “Move On Mugabe!

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  2. I pray for the deliverance of zimbabwe from the clutches of this evil vampire, he has feed from the blood and suffering of all his countrymen.
    may he fall.


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