Best Of The Web This Week

computer.jpgHere are some sites which have caught my attention this week:

Electronic Village: Fox News Compares Barack Obama to Hitler 
The folks at Electronic Village, and a number of readers, are unsurprisingly outraged by a piece on FOX News in which Obama is compared to Hitler. To me, the piece is so dumb that it isn’t really worth getting upset over…

Racialicious: If Hip Hop is Dead, Why Is The N-Word Still Kicking? 
I’m going to write a piece on this… I find the N-word debate here in America fascinating. Until I came to live in America, I never realized how prevalent the word is in every day language. I was shocked to hear people having conversations and freely using the word without the blinking of an eye. In England maybe a few street boys use it to sound cool, but its use is very limited. Furthermore, I found that it wasn’t just ghetto people saying it. Middle class African Americans use the N-word too! Educated African Americans use the N-word! I’ve even heard my friend’s mother (who is a very pleasant lady) use the N-word! As I’ve digged deeper on this matter I’ve found that although hip hop may have publicly exposed its usage, the word has been used by black Americans in a variety of ways (to insult, as well as to signal friendship/kinship) for a long, long time. Put simply, from an outsider’s perspective, the N-word ain’t going anywhere.

Associated Press: Bush ~ Noose Displays ‘Deeply Offensive’
Wow, Bush has actually said something that makes sense. For once.

African American Opinion: Black Elected Officials and Black Superdelegates Begin To Ditch Hillary
I don’t really ‘get’ who or what Superdelegates are… But looks like Billary is about to lose some friends. Awwww.

Advertising Age: Myth: Latino’s Don’t Do Valentine’s Day
I really enjoy reading this blog. Considering how influential the media is, I like the fact that the advertising world is addressing issues of diversity and representation.

The Daily Show: Obama’s February Wins
This is such a great comedy show… This clip is hilarious! Is Obama’s success in February some kind of Black History Month tribute?!


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