Boycott Black History Month?

Minister Paul Scott from the Messianic Afrikan Nation (don’t ask me who they are) went on FOX News calling for black people (African Americans specifically) to boycott Black History Month. Why? Because he believes it has been hijacked by white organizations who want to give us their own version of black history. 

Hmmm….When we didn’t have black history month, we were angry that no one gave us the necessary credit and respect for our overwhelming contribution to history. Now that we have black history month, someone is calling for it to be boycotted… Who wins here?!

I have my own issues with black history month – namely that it shouldn’t just be one month, nor should it be demarcated just ‘black’ history when it is such a fundamental part of not only the Western world, but humanity itself.

Reading hard between the lines, I kinda get where this guy is coming from. I think what he’s trying to say is that Black History Month has become a cynical way for corporations to use black history for their own ends (there are some pretty bad ads out there from some major corporations, believe me – see the one below). Unfortunately he just ends up sounding like an extremist who sees the world literally in black and white. The kind of guy who would call someone a racist for saying it’s night time or that the sky is black (trust me, those peeps exist)…

What bothers me is that anyone thinks it is helpful, or in any way progressive, to continue to have debates on race that are polarized in this way… Thank God for Obama eh?!

Example of a cynical / crappy Black History Month ad:



7 thoughts on “Boycott Black History Month?

  1. I don’t like the way they made him out to be some kind of black extremist (even though he kind of is, but in a nice way.) They also ganged up on him which was unsportsmanlike. He had some good points though. I just checked out the Messianic African Nations and found some youtube vids. You probably seen it already, but thought I would add a link for the others reading this. Messianic African Nations part 1. Messianic African Nations Part 2.They’re like the Nation of Islam, but Christian. Interesting.

  2. I agree that he didn’t come off well, but to me it just highlights that if you really want to debate about racism you have to present your viewpoint it in a way that people won’t be able to shoot down your views with such ease. Those ‘all white people are bad’ rants will never convince anyone(no white person at least) to listen to what you have to say. Obviously it was news and they wanted a sensationalist story – unfortunately he presented it to them!

  3. Ignoring or misrepresenting African Americans in the media, American history or in the history of other cultures,has been used to make Blacks feel inferior for centuries.

    It’s one of the main reason that Dr Carter G Woodson fought so hard against African-American educators and intellectuals as well as racist, to make celebrating our heritage and history an essential part of the American fabric.

  4. To be honest I am at a point where I would do away with black history month myself.
    I find it a bit vacuous now and as well as being tokenistic…a bit like diversity policies.

    As for being interviewed on FOX! Well……The mosaic country? Tell that to people from Katrina.

  5. i almost forgot that it was black history month… if it wasn’t for the fact that a black man was running for the presidency and… the pbs special African American Lives 2 it would have slipped by me completely… lol.

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