Separate Reality…

In an article published yesterday in UK newspaper The Guardian I argued that many African-Americans are content to live within their own communities as long as they have equal rights…a kind of voluntary separation if you will…

I argue that: “In America’s post-civil rights era, many black people can live where, and among whom, they want. The college-educated and middle-class – up to 45% of African-Americans – have no real need to remain in black neighbourhoods. Yet many choose to do so. According to the last census figures, 350,000 even re-migrated to the south – once considered the bastion of racism – heading to more racially homogenous towns with flourishing black communities. The growing number of affluent African-American neighbourhoods also allows the choice to live among those of the same social status.

It’s essential for people of all races to understand and respect one another, and to have access to equal opportunities. If these conditions are met, what is wrong with people choosing to live among their own? Not everyone wants to integrate. Self-identification via race is still a major factor in where many choose to live. Black universities and colleges are examples of the benefits of such choices.

Many African-Americans are content to live separately so long as they have equal rights. Contrary to what most Britons believe, “voluntary separation” need not be a problem. For African-Americans who choose it, the focus is on pride and solidarity. It is a choice to preserve the cultural heritage and values that are often undermined when minorities assimilate into the mainstream.”

Read the article in full here and add your comment:,,2244062,00.html


One thought on “Separate Reality…

  1. I read your guardian article. Very interesting, and very true. I just moved to LA from England (Slough) a few months ago, and I’m seeing the same thing here. Before I moved here, I never thought it was so, but now I’m here, I realize that it’s an obvious and serious issue.

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