Barack Obama Rally in NYC

barack.jpgThis week I attended a Barack Obama rally in Manhattan…

It was a great event. Thousands turned up to watch this man speak. What struck me was the diversity of the crowd. There were white people, black people, old, young, students and professionals there. Even some homeless people! (lol) It was wonderful to see that although Obama is a black man, people really are genuinely interested in him for his politics and what he can do for America.

Obama is a man of the people. He is friendly, affable, and approachable. He is using what critics describe as ‘inexperience’ to his advantage, saying that all it means is that he has not yet been sucked into the worst parts of the Washington system. He is not going to continue to play the already-tired system, but will introduce some much needed new eyes, and fresh blood into American politics.

He wants to set up a national healthcare system. As I posted recently, this is a very important pledge. I was somewhat sceptical, however, of his somewhat optimistic (and perhaps unrealistic) promise to introduce it within his first term of office. I was also slightly irked by his talks of setting up schools in the Middle East to teach them about American ways…

However, Obama is sensitive to the world’s perception of America, and its foreign policy. He says America must talk instead of starting wars. He has been opposed to the war in Iraq from the beginning, and is under no illusions that the invasion had much to do with oil.

It will be interesting to see how he fares… I wish him much luck. I would be happy to see him in office.



4 thoughts on “Barack Obama Rally in NYC

  1. Thanks for the comment Kip! But what I actually said was that I was surprised by the diversity of the crowd – black, white, young, old, students, professionals! In fact, Mr Obama remarked on this himself at the rally…

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