Thank goodness for the NHS…

nhs.jpgOn Saturday night, I had one of my fingernails ripped off… It was extremely painful and has been bleeding pretty much ever since.

Since there is no free healthcare in America (where I am currently based) I had to pay to be seen to by a doctor…

I found it strange that I had to pay before I could receive medical attention. Strange because I come from a land where we have a national healthcare system. It really got me thinking – what happens to Americans who cannot afford health insurance? Surely the present healthcare system in America set up in such a way that it benefits the rich and disadvantages the poor? Despite paying it’s not as if I had a superior service either. I still had to wait 2 hours to see the doctor, despite having an appointment.

I never thought I would long for the NHS but that changed after having to whip out my debit card and pay a hefty amount of dinero for medical care!

There are many things that I like a lot about America… but how they can continue to justify the current healthcare system beggars belief… There are some things that should be available to all on an equal basis. Healthcare is one. Education is another.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but here’s to the NHS. Despite it’s shortcomings, at least there is no elitism and inequality where that system is concerned….

P.S. I am hoping not to have any more accidents while I’m in the US!!


One thought on “Thank goodness for the NHS…

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