The Mind of an Entrepreneur

As someone with a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve been reflecting on what distinguishes an entrepreneur from an employee.

The answer is simple: mindset. Entrepreneurs think differently from employees. You only need to sit down and talk about your own business, or being self-employed with most (employed) people to realize this.

Those who are in the strongholds of employment will mention words such as ‘security’ and ‘regular income’ a lot, while entrepreneurs have a different focus – looking at the benefits to be gained and opportunities. Most entrepreneurs also understand that the notion of ‘security’ in today’s workplace is a bit of a myth.

I have composed my own list of the differences between an employee and an entrepreneur. See if you agree – or feel free to add your own.

1. An entrepreneur focusses on opportunities (e.g. “I will find a way to make this happen because there is a lot to be gained”).

An employee focusses on limitations (e.g. “I couldn’t do that because I don’t have enough money”).

2. An entrepreneur will ‘feel the fear and do it [start a business] anyway’, knowing that there are no guarantees in life and you only fail if you don’t try.

An employee will let fear (“what if I don’t succeed?”) stop them from pursuing their dreams.

3. An entrepreneur is self-directed, and likes to set the rules.

An employee prefers beings told what to do by others.

4. An entrepreneur is an individual and somewhat of a rebel by nature.

An employee is a conformist, prefering to follow the status-quo.

5. An entrepreneur is interested in freedom.

An employee is interested in ‘security’.

6. An entrepreneur understands that risk is a necessary part of business and life.

An employee takes very few, if any, risks.

7. An entrepreneur can cope with uncertainty.

An employee is uncomfortable with uncertainty, and looks instead for guarantees.

8. An entrepreneur sees things that others don’t see.

An employee sees only what is infront of him.

9. An entrepreneur prefers to lead.

An employee prefers being led.

10. An entrepreneur focuses on being productive.

An employee focuses on being busy.


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