We Don’t Need No Education?

education.jpgIt was announced last week that the government will encourage schools to teach “economic wellbeing and financial capability”, although it is not to be made compulsory.

I’m very glad to hear this. It’s a shame that it won’t be made compulsory. Although the system is already overloaded with compulsory subjects, such as teaching about the slave trade and global warming, I wonder how many schools will want to add another subject to their list if they don’t have to.

I hope many do add this to their subject list. Handling money is a necessary aspect of day-to-day life and is probably, therefore, more relevant than many other subjects on the curriculum.

We regularly hear in the press that Britons are consuming more, debt levels are on the rise and bankruptcies are increasing. Yet at the same time, the rich are getting richer and paying less tax. People wonder why this is. Well I can tell you – the masses are generally financially illiterate while the rich understand how to handle money well. It’s pretty simple.

Personally I’d like to see a complete overhaul of the national curriculum. If I were an education minister, I’d make the curriculum much more practical, in order to prepare students for real life. Emotional intelligence – particularly how one relates to self and others – and financial literacy, for example, would be top of the list.

In fact, I might get rid of the curriculum all together – allowing schools to be free to select which subjects they believe are best taught in their schools, and adapting them to their students’ needs – as independent or ‘private’ schools do.


One thought on “We Don’t Need No Education?

  1. PFEG have been going on about this for ages. Funnily enough financial literacy has been part of the PHSE curriculum for a little while and I can’t help but thinking that this latest “initiative” is all sound biting!!!

    As for the national curriculum, it has its advantages because some schools are really crap and cannot be left to make such decisions on such subjects.

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