Go Venus!!

venus.jpgCongrats to Venus on winning Wimbledon – again! 

I love Venus and Serena Williams. They are a real inspiration to me. I was also very pleased to see that Serena writes out affirmations – just like I do! (See – I knew it had a purpose! lol)

These girls get a lot of criticism. Goodness knows why – and frankly who cares?! Personally I’m proud to see two sisters of colour come in and dominate tennis – a traditionally white, upper-middle class game – in the way they have. Glad to see them smashing their way through stereotypes and shaking things up!

Their father is a true visionary. He clearly saw way beyond the ‘limitations’ of being black and coming from Compton, from a very deprived area. Without even being a professional tennis player he took it upon himself to coach his girls to the top of their game. He believed he could do it, and he believed they could do it. He allowed nothing to stop him or his children in their quest for greatness.

If they can do it, none of us have an excuse for not reaching our potential!

I can’t wait to see them triumph even more!! Go Venus and Serena!!


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