Nigerian President Declares Assets…

nigerianpresident.jpgI’ve been meaning to post about this for some time, but forgot.

I was impressed by the news that Umuru Yar’Adua, the new president of Nigeria, publicly declared his and his wife’s assets, as he promised he would before he was elected. I think this is a great step, showing not only that Yar’Adua is walking his talk, but also that he taking seriously his role as a leader and role model from which others can take his lead.

He was not obliged to declare his assets in public, but chose to do so because of his determination “…to instil transparency and accountability in the conduct of government business”.

It’s still early days, but this is a good start.


One thought on “Nigerian President Declares Assets…

  1. Lola, i am proud to say that Nigeria is moving in the right direction and will not go back.President Umuru Yar’Adua, from the look of things, is here to change the status quo.He has set the pace for other public office holders.

    As the governor of Kastina State in the last administration, he proved to all Nigerians that leadership is all about service and not self enrichment.I am proud of him and pray he continues to make me and other honest Nigerians proud

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