Live Earth… A Load of Hot Air!

earth.jpgThe Live Earth concerts kick off today…9 concerts around the world, on 7 continents, in 24 hours. Live Earth is apparently going to raise awareness of climate change.

Excuse me for being a bit cynical, but the idea of flying hundreds of pop stars around the world, in gas-guzzling jets, to play in huge power-sucking, carbon-emitting venues is hardly environmentally friendly. Plus these are stars who already have massive carbon footprints due to their international travel and concerts. In fact, they are probably some of the biggest pollutors of the earth.

Over the next 24 hours entertainers like Madonna – who have monumental carbon footprints in comparison to the average person – are going to preach being green to the rest of the world? The same people who are in adverts which promote SUV’s, who boast about the number of high powered cars they have, and who will take a jet just to go to the end of the road….Mmm – the world ‘hypocrites’ comes to mind.

Apparently, the various performers will fly (and this is a low estimate) 222,623.63 miles between them for these concerts. That is 9 times the earth’s circumference! The total carbon footprint including travel, energy consumption from the venues, TV viewers and waste at the concerts is likely to be well over 100,000 tonnes. Compare that to the 10 tonnes per year that is generated by the average British household. Aren’t these concerts meant to be about saving the planet??

But don’t forget that Al Gore says this event is ‘carbon neutral’. Carbon neutral?! Even I’m savvy enough to know that there is no such thing as ‘carbon neutral’ and that carbon ‘offsetting’ (where you plant trees or give out energy-saving lightbulbs to balance or ‘offset’ the carbon produced by this type of activity) is a hugely controversial and much-debated area in environmental circles,  because is thought to be totally useless and ineffective.

I also find it very odd that the idea of any pop star singing their own songs can somehow make people go and start recycling or cycle instead of using a car, when this is something they already know about anyway.

Let’s face it – this is just a big fat publicity stunt for Al Gore. Like Live Aid and Live 8 have been for Bob Geldof.

Live Earth! What a bunch of hot air!!


One thought on “Live Earth… A Load of Hot Air!

  1. Yes, I am going to have to call you cynical. Although, I see your point, people today don’t think for themselves. They will recycle if they believe Paris Hilton recycles. See if Paris Hilton does it, then it must be cool.

    I think more importantly, it’s the money that will be raised to fight global poverty. I don’t think people will take care of the earth after this concert series, however, I think the concert series will raise a lot of money.

    I’m just happy Beyonce is not performing!

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