No Smoking Allowed!

smoking.jpgWhy are people fighting against the smoking ban?

Why are they fighting for the right to kill themselves – and others?

Why can they not see that a smoking ban is ultimately for their own good?

How did we ever become so brainwashed that so many millions believe  – despite what they know – that inhaling thousands of cancer-causing chemicals is a form of enjoyment? (one that doesn’t even make you high!)

Does anyone know?! Cos I can’t quite figure it out myself!


4 thoughts on “No Smoking Allowed!

  1. Though I don’t smoke, I have to say I’m against it. If it’s for our health then they should totally ban smoking.

    If someone else runs your life, it will only be a matter of time before they start taking liberties (in this case literally).

  2. Where was the government when smoking was encouraged as something healthy, when it was common to see everybody smoking everywhere – they didn’t protect people then. Instead, they contributed to them getting addicted by providing subsidies to tobacco farmers and helping to keep the industry alive (at least in the US). Now they want to tell people that the addiction they helped start is not just harmful to the smoker but that the person should be punished?

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