Mugabe and his cronies…

mugabe.jpgI read an article online this morning which got my blood boiling. Jerry Rawlings, ex President of Ghana, was talking in support of Robert Mugabe. He was saying that Britain was being ‘disrespectful’ towards Mugabe by having said in a statement that he would probably end up like Liberia’s Charles Taylor in an international court for human rights abuses. He apparently said: “No British official, be he a politician or Royalty, has the right to say those words about a Pan-Africanist like Robert Mugabe.

Excuse me!!! What is Mr Rawlings going on about?! Has he looked at the state of Zimbabwe recently? I don’t think anyone – especially not an African – needs to be praising Mugabe right about now…

Last week, the US Ambassador to Harare predicted that inflation in Zimbabwe would reach 1.5million% by the end of the year, if not before! Money there is becoming absolutely worthless as hyper inflation has become the norm. Zimbabweans cannot afford to buy even basic goods. 25% of the country has left to live abroad (which is actually a good thing when you think about it). Opponents of the government are regularly and openly suppressed often through physical violence… Mugabe is messing up his own country in a big fat way! Where is the room for praise in there?! Yes he did some good back in the day, but his expiry date passed a LOONNNGG time ago.

It just pisses me off to see the reaction of some influential Africans in this whole sorry saga. It is irresponsible, in my opinion, for someone like Jerry Rawlings to use his voice in this way. Likewise, former Zambian president Kaunda spoke in support of Mugabe in a BBC article. Again – irresponsible. Don’t even get me started on the South African response which I recall to be something feeble like ‘let Zimbabwe sort out its own problems’.

I want to say only positive things on this blog, but I can’t ignore this. It’s infuriating. It angers me. Where is the condemnation? Which African leaders are openly expressing dissent? And why the hell not? Do they not care about their brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe? If we all truly want a better Africa, these people with power need to start walking their talk, not praising someone who is now clearly not contributing to the good that is going on in the continent. GRRRRRR!


3 thoughts on “Mugabe and his cronies…

  1. Hello Lola

    Africans are simply the problem of Africa,frrom the leadersship to the led.We have to “re-write the scripts of our minds” before we can move forward.

    I really appreciate what you are doing here in your blog.

  2. Lola,
    The challenge we face here in Afica is home grown.Leaders do not care what’s happening to followers and followers disagree among themswelves.

    You are really doing a good job here.Im proud of you.

  3. It takes a certain type of person to be a leader in Africa.

    focused (on their money),
    driven (by power),
    intelligent (with out it benefitting the people),
    strong willed (but their convictions don’t represent the peoples’)

    I could go on,and if I do I may as well be describing Rawlings. He’s his brothers’ keeper.

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