The Perfect Body?

serenawilliams.jpgThis week there have been a number of paparazzi photos of Serena Williams in a bikini, taken while she was on holiday with her boyfriend.

Personally I think she looks great, but can somebody please tell me why, when images of healthy, strong woman are in the public domain, the media has to be so negative? But when there are pictures of stick thin, eating-disordered ‘women’ they are praised and revered?

Why should terms like “bulky thighs”, “chunky arms” and “thunder thighs” be used to describe Serena Williams? Why can’t we just accept that women come in all shapes and sizes? Not all black women look like Naomi Campbell, just as not all white women look like Kate Moss.

It’s sad that society’s perception of women’s body has become so distorted that a normal female figure (and let’s face it, she’s an athlete so her body is definitely a lot healthier, more toned and stronger than the average person) is treated with such disdain.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Body?

  1. Beacuse we are all messed up. nicole richie for example was chubby and loathed, skinny and praised, skinnier and a style icon, corspelike and then ridiculed, we cannot have secure women in the media it would upset the world view of the media

  2. Serena is not just strong and healthy, she’s built like a cross between a horse and a gorilla. Feminine is not generally consider a physique that could pick you up and bounce you off a wall.

    I guess it doesn’t help that the players on the other side of the net are generally lithe Eastern Europeans or her own stick thin sister.

  3. It is really sad the ignorant comments that people actually do not have the common sense not to let others know how stupid they are. Serena is a brick house as once was said back in the day. It seems awfully funny to me, the same people that post these itiotic comments are the same ones trying to get a peek every time she bends over or wears something like the imfamous “cat-suit” Get a life.

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